Preserving jazz through participation, education, and inspiration!

From local artists who represent Macon’s great jazz spirit to nationally known musicians from across the country, the Jazz Association of Macon, since its conception in 1986, provides Macon and Middle Georgians with the opportunity to enjoy the finest in jazz.

The purpose of the Jazz Association of Macon is to nurture the growth and enhancement of jazz music as an American art form by providing information and services to individuals and organizations committed to the creation, performance, instruction, presentation, and preservation of jazz music.

The Jazz Association of Macon had a great year this past season and we all can be proud of being a part of the success that the organization has seen. JAM Goes Back to School continues to be a big success. And speaking personally, the musicians that participated had a great time entertaining the children, as well as, being entertained. We have been to over sixty schools since first starting this program. The kids love it.

Our new membership year has already begun. If you have not joined or renewed your membership, consider making that commitment. If you have email and are not on our email list, email us. Remember to extend an invitation to join JAM to your friends and family so we can all help support and promote jazz in the middle Georgia area. You can find more information about membership here.

Our annual membership drive is during Jazz and Arts on Riverdale held each year toward the end of October.

We’re excited about the role that the Jazz Association of Macon has played in the past and look to the future, celebrating the only original American art form — jazz. Thanks again for visiting our site. Inquiries are always welcome.

Until next time, keep swinging.